Pre-Calculated Genome Searches

This is a list of all the genomes from NCBI that have already been analyzed with PHASTER.

IDDescriptionLength (bp)Number of PhageDate Created
V00604.2Phage M13 genome.12017-02-18
V00610.1Insertion sequence 2 (E. coli).132702016-01-26
V01146.1Genome of bacteriophage T7.12017-09-14
X00535.1Pea chloroplast gene for 15.2 kDA polypeptide from cytochrome b-f02017-05-08
X04174.1E. coli Su+6 (supP) amber suppressor gene for transfer RNA-Leu.110002016-01-26
X04390.1Bacteriophage Mu gam gene.56502016-01-26
X07234.1Sulfolobus virus 1 complete genome (provirus).12018-09-27
X07465.1E. coli genes dicA, dicB, dicC and dicF.444102016-01-26
X08087.1E. coli fadR gene.129402016-01-26
X13812.1D.affinidisjuncta Adh gene for alcohol dehydrogenase.02018-04-22
X14577Anabaena variabilis 7120 flavodoxin gene.02018-05-30
X14728.1Sheep beta-C globin gene.02018-07-18
X14899.1Streptomyces ambofaciens pSAM2 plasmid xis and int genes.163202016-01-26
X16664.4Escherichia coli encoding determinant sfa(I).7581202016-01-26
X51344.1Spiroplasma phage 1-R8A2B complete genome.12018-09-27
X51522.1Bacteriophage P4 complete DNA genome.12018-09-27
X52107.1Bacteriophage Pf1 5 and 8 genes for ssDNA binding protein and major734912016-01-26
X52700.1Blue Whale common cetacean component DNA.02018-11-19
X53370.1Bacteriophage phi29 temperature sensitive mutant TS2(98) DNA172802016-01-26
X56679.1B.subtilis gsiAA and gsiAB genes.162902016-01-26
X56844.1S.purpuratus mRNA for kinesin heavy chain.02016-08-22
X57767.1C.elegans let-23 mRNA for tyrosine kinase.02018-06-19
X57948.1E.coli envC, envD and envR genes.680302016-01-26
X58839.1Acholeplasma virus MV-L1 DNA for complete circular genome.02018-09-27
X58858.1S.cerevisiae PPH3 gene for type 2A-related protein phosphatase 2A.02017-02-15
X59767.1Bovine gene for brain ribonuclease.02018-02-11
X60322.1Coliphage alpha3 complete genome.12018-09-27
X60323.1Bacteriophage phiK complete genome.12018-09-27
X61025.1S.pneumoniae transposon Tn1545 xis-Tn & int-Tn genes for205802016-01-26
X62193.1D.pseudoobscura Adh gene for alcohol dehydrogenase.02016-08-22
X62680.1E.coli insertion sequences IS2 and IS30.941502016-01-26
X63317.1B.taurus alpha-lactalbumin gene.02017-06-01
X64307.1Equus caballus DNA for NADH dehyrogenase I.02018-01-12
X66115.1B.taurus gene for 2-oxoglutarate carrier protein.02018-11-19
X66728.1H.vulgare mRNA for sucrose synthase (partial).02017-09-25
X66994.1O.aries (C4-2H.1) C4 gene.02016-01-30
X71808.1Streptococcus thermophilus insertion sequence IS1191.444102016-01-26
X72385.1D.carota mRNA for B2 protein.02018-07-25
X72585.1K.aerogenes plasmid R751 genes from integron element.782702016-01-26
X80191.1Bacteriophage PP7 complete genome.02018-09-27
X81028.1Helicobacter sp. gene for 16S rRNA (partial).02017-08-19
X90940.1S.pneumoniae left junction of Tn5251 with Tn5252.41102016-01-26
X96987.2Bacteriophage GA-1 complete genome sequence.12018-09-27
X98106.1Lactobacillus bacteriophage phig1e complete genomic DNA.4225912016-01-26
XM_007470281.1PREDICTED: Lipotes vexillifer transketolase-1, chloroplastic-like02018-02-26
XM_008732021.1Cladophialophora carrionii CBS 160.54 transketolase partial mRNA.02018-02-26
XM_012681513.1PREDICTED: Monomorium pharaonis silk gland factor 1 (LOC105837045),02018-02-26
Y09404.1H.bizzozeronii 16S rRNA gene.02017-08-19
Y13918.1Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage phi CTX DNA, complete genome.02018-02-21
Y18050.2Pseudomonas aeruginosa intI1, blaVIM, aacA4, aphA15, aadA1 and660102016-01-26
Y18945.1Methylocystis parvus 16S rRNA gene.140802016-01-26
Z11600.1O.aries gene for MHC class II (OLA-DRA), exons 2-4.02017-11-07
Z17385.1Saccharomyces cerevisiae ssl1 gene for suppressor of stem-loop.02018-04-04
Z18946.1Mycobacterium phage L5 complete genome.12018-09-27
Z19594.1S.ambofaciens plasmid pSAM2 genes for Orf183, Orf50, RepSA, and253602016-01-26
Z46839.1S.thermophilus IS1191 insertion DNA.30402016-01-26
Z46840.1S.thermophilus IS1191 insertion DNA.36702016-01-26
Z47794.1Streptococcus phage Cp-1 DNA, complete genome.12018-09-27
Z48204.1L.lactis cremoris gene for transposase.57202016-01-26
Z48636.1C.novyi gene for alpha-toxin.683602016-01-26
Z50191.1Pseudomonas aeruginosa oprL gene.104802016-01-26
Z50754.1E.cloacae genes for A and B subunit of Shiga-like toxin II.146102016-01-26